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A Legacy of Success

A third generation real estate enterprise in operation since 1937.

Our History
Crosland Family

Our History

With the 1937 development of Club Colony in the Myers Park area of Charlotte, North Carolina, John Crosland, Sr. founded the company that would not only bear his name, but carry his legacy for generations to come.  From development and construction to marketing and management, the Crosland company has been a respected leader across all facets of residential and commercial real estate for over 80 years.  

John Crosland, Jr. became president of the company in 1965.  Building on his father's legacy, it was his vision that the company would continue indefinitely to produce reasonable and sustained profits to support his charitable foundation.  To accomplish that goal, he established management principles that still guide our company operations.

Today, John Crosland III continues the Crosland family's leadership by serving on the Board of Directors. Under the Board's guidance, the company provides asset management and financial oversight for its numerous real estate holdings.  Additionally, the company has recently expanded its portfolio by placing a greater emphasis on equity investments and forming new partnerships with property owners and developers across the Southeast.

John Crosland III

Our Team

Charlotte, NC

We know the most important assets the company has are its team members.  Collectively, our team has a tenure of over 72 years with Crosland and more than fourteen decades of experience across the areas of real estate, finance and accounting.  We highly value the dedication, knowledge and unique skillset that each person contributes to the company's operations and management. 


In addition to the members of our daily leadership team, the guidance and wisdom of our company's directors and trustees are critical to Crosland's long-term viability and success.

Uptown Charlotte, NC
Direction Sign Art in The Green, Uptown Charlotte, NC
Myers Park, Charlotte, NC


Adam Ford, President/General Manager and Chief Financial Officer


Katie Morton, Vice President and Director of Taxation


Myra Zweier, Vice President of Accounting and Financial Reporting


David Arnold, Manager - Forecasting and Analysis

Cindy Peoples, Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Our Team

The Crosland Foundation

The Crosland Foundation at Foundation for the Carolinas

Created by John Crosland, Jr. and family, the Crosland Foundation seeks to help children with learning disabilities, provide housing for the less fortunate, support urban policy research and education, and provide other charitable support to help those in need.

The Crosland Foundation is a subsidiary foundation of and is supported by Foundation for the Carolinas.

The John Crosand School
John Crosland Jr. Center for Teaching and Learning at Davidson College
Crosland Foundation
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